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2010 Cruiser Motorcycles Yamaha Raider S (XV1900S)

2010 Touring Motorcycles Yamaha Raider S (XV1900S)

2010 Sports Motorcycles Yamaha Raider S (XV1900S)

2010 Yamaha Raider S (XV1900S) Motorcycle Covers

2010 New Motorcycles Yamaha Raider S (XV1900S)

2010 Yamaha Raider S (XV1900S)
Fuel Consumption * 18kpl/51mpg(Imp) Fuel injected 1854cc V-twin Superb handling, incredible attention to detail Discover the superior quality, styling and all round performance of the Raider S. The Raider S had to deliver great handling and excellent ride quality. The engineers at Yamaha were not willing to compromise.

The trick was to combine "chopper" inspired styling with a chassis that would offer superior handling. When the engineers at Yamaha set out to produce a true custom machine, the easy part was the styling and attention to detail. 2010 Raider S adds chrome accents. And the rest of the chopper-inspired Riader S is pure Star, designed and engineered by the world's best bike builders.The 113 cubic inch fuel injected V-Twin engine that power it takes a back seat to no V-Twin when it comes to power and reliability. If you want totally custom but would rather ride than wrench, have a look at the 2010 Yamaha Star Raider S. You might as well have it all. Attitude.

Performance. Style. it offers an incredible riding experience too. The 2010 Yamaha Raider S not only looks good... Stretched out fork, fat rear tire, low seat and an aggressive, slammed riding position.From front to back, the 2010 Raider S is loaded with "custom" inspired parts. Check out the incredible attention to detail. A breed that stands apart. You are looking at a new generation of custom cruisers.


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