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Sports Motorcycles Yamaha WR250X 2010

Motocross Yamaha WR250X 2010

2010 Yamaha WR250X Motorcycle Covers

New Motorcycles Yamaha WR250X 2010

2010 Yamaha WR250X
Fuel Consumption * 30kpl/85mpg(Imp) 250cc, fuel injected engine Lightweight aluminium frame & swingarm Exceeding your expectations. From the powerful 250cc, fuel injected, EXUP equipped, 4-valve powerplant to a real Supermoto spec chassis, the WR250X is built to offer class leading performance, uncompromised styling and unmatched riding excitement. The WR250X is a jewel of Yamaha engineering.

The WR250X … one look tells you this is a machine ready to deliver some serious fun. Feel free to back it in. A hybrid aluminum and steel frame ties 17 inch wheels with sticky, radial street tires together. The power flows freely from its high tech fuel injected DOHC engine. Years of experience building advanced street and dirt bikes come together in the 2010 Yamaha WR250X.

The cure for the common commute. And with head turning looks, the fun factor will be right off the scale. Super agile handling, 17 inch wheels , and an amazing fuel injected engine package, the "X" model is ready to provide an unmatched level of riding performance and excitement. a 250cc machine capable of competing in Supermoto events right out of the box. The Yamaha WR250X is the real deal... The 2010 Yamaha WR250X is not just a dressed up dual sport machine.


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