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2010 Kawasaki KLX250SF Motorcycle Covers

New Street Sports Motorcycles Kawasaki KLX250SF 2010

Motorcycle for Sale Kawasaki KLX250SF 2010

Motocross Kawasaki KLX250SF 2010

New Motorcycle Kawasaki KLX250SF 2010

2010 Kawasaki KLX250SF Motorcycle Part

2010 Kawasaki KLX250SF
Wheel The KLX250SF’s fully-adjustable suspension features 16-way adjustable compression and rebound damping on both the 43mm inverted cartridge-style front fork and the UNI-TRAK rear suspension. At the same time, the suspension is still supple enough to soak up most road surface irregularities and offer a smooth ride. These changes provide a reduction in pitching motions during braking and acceleration, and help the rider hold a consistent line during aggressive on-road cornering. The change in setup offers a firmer ride than the 250S, thanks to a change in front fork oil level and revised damping settings for both the fork and shock.

This also results in a more planted feel in corners and a lower seat height. Compared to the KLX250S dual sport, the KLX250SF has reduced wheel travel at both ends, placing the center of gravity lower for improved on-road handling and enhanced straight-line stability. Few motorcycles — of any size or price — are capable of out-cornering it. It’s “just” a 250, but its light weight of just 302 pounds means the KLX250SF packs the sort of performance you’d expect from something bigger and more expensive. Based on Kawasaki’s critically acclaimed KLX250S dual sport on/off-road bike, the SF dials up maximum on-road fun with sticky street radials mounted on 17-inch wheels, a shorter seat height, a bit less suspension travel and a big front brake.

Sticky Street Rubber Meets Lightweight Dual-Sport; Big Fun Can’t Be Far Behind Type “big fun in a small package” into your internet search and it might take you straight to the Kawasaki KLX™250SF supermoto.


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