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2010 Kawasaki Versys
The Versys' compact liquid-cooled fuel-injected 649cc parallel-twin engine was the perfect powerplant for this light and nimble do-anything bike right Functionally, the Versys was tough to improve upon, but adding rubber bushings to the rear engine mounts, and topping the footpegs with hollow rubber inserts to better isolate the rider's feet from engine vibration, resulted in a smoother, more relaxed ride. Out back there's a bright new Z1000-type LED tail light, and between the head and tail lights all sorts of pieces have been restyled to reflect the Versys' quality, including the radiator shrouds, mirrors, turn signals, engine covers and rear fender. A new stacked dual-beam headlight leads the way, with a bigger, three-way adjustable windscreen atop it that gives more options to more riders.

Fresh new bodywork showcases the Versys' athletic-looking steel trellis frame, gull-wing swingarm and compact engine, with a newly sculpted shape that shows off the bike's dynamic flexibility and strength. Luckily, the brains at Kawasaki who dreamed up the Versys are not afraid to mess with success, so for 2010, there's even more to love. Motorcyclist magazine named it "Motorcycle of the Year," and the Versys made top 10 lists around the world. Following its debut just a couple of years ago, the world's motorcycle press unanimously embraced the Versys' unique combination of utility, versatility, affordability and just plain fun - and they haven't stopped singing its praises. Now and then, a clean-sheet idea that just plain works appears from out of nowhere, and everybody wonders why nobody thought of it before… That's the Kawasaki Versys®.


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