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Keeway Cruiser 250cc Review

A few months ago I bought a new Keeway Cruiser 250cc motorcycle in Montevideo, Uruguay, I wanted to develop affordable transport daily fun way to see more from Uruguay and Argentina perhaps. There seems to be the lack of observations on the bike on the Internet so this is to help address the problem of shortage.

According to official statistics Keeway are:

Engine type: cylinder 2.4 stroke
Displacement: 248cc (250cc)
Power: 12.9 kW @ 8000 rpm
Torque: 16.00 @ 6000 rpm
Compression: 9.4:1
Inductance: DOHC
Ignition: CDI
Start: Electric
Cooling System: Air
Gearbox: 5-speed
Transmission: Chain
Clutch: Wet shoe, multi-panel
Dry weight: 150 kg
Overall Height: 1145 mm
Overall Length: 2300 mm
Overall Width: 762 mm
Ground clearance: 150 mm
Wheelbase: 1530 mm
Seat height: 753 mm
Front tires: 110 × 90x16 Tubeless
Rear tires: 120 × 90x16 Tubeless
Front brake: Single disc
Rear brakes: Single disc
Maximum speed: 115 km / h
Fuel capacity: 14 liters
Fuel consumption: 2.4 litres/100 km
Accessories: glass, alarm, remote ignition, saddlebags, luggage rack side.

According to clear dealer and purchased the country's bike in the prices will vary, and buy, but I this one in Montevideo, Uruguay from the sale and called Vladimir Kaitazoff with a list price of U.S. 3600 dollars, but came up with 6 months or guarantee 6000Km.

In my experience with this bike, I can happily state that it is generally reliable if slightly weakened the cruiser which is ideal for short trips the way, and mobility in general and the learner / first bike.

Appearance of the bike is very striking for the 250cc. Monument in the photo Harley definitely draw attention on the road, particularly in Uruguay, where it is rare to find bikes are great, and I am often asked about it at traffic lights or in parking lots by drivers and other riders. The appearance of the bike is closer to the cruiser 500cc Yamaha Virago, such as tanks and 14L, the display and graduates go together to give the bike a reasonable and no roads and a larger image of the engine might imply. In addition to that, at idle the engine sounds beautiful, especially in the presence of a set of pipes (ish) Twin Sports processed.

To deal with and ride the bike reasonable, not amazing, but for, small cruiser engines cheap imitations You can not expect to feel like riding one of the big brothers. Throughout the city have more than powerful enough to get you out of (or to) trouble, it is an intelligent reasonable and easy to maneuver, but it is clear that there are occasions where it is to wide to follow up on a motorcycle through the traffic. On the roads / highways are able to access and starting (at least 2 consecutive days, in my experience) the speed of 100km border here, riding stable, if not luxurious and comfortable position relatively long ride. I managed to upload it (with graduated my non-standard) with about 25Kg of luggage and it has coped admirably; throw on the back seat, as did the suspension down from time to time over rough terrain on the highways, but smooth as well.

Brake enough to speed it is capable of, but I have a prison several times, and I put this up to the road surfaces in Uruguay instead of the bike seems to only happen on one type from the surface here - maybe I can be resolved by replacing the windows standard is pretty basic. Brakes do not feel a bit overloaded when carrying a lot of baggage, but the rear seat with just the rear seat or luggage only because it is fine.

The gearbox felt at the beginning of a very loose and dropped a lot of gear in 2, and since I am then to the local mechanic for an answer, it seems that there was a settlement of the problem in the new gearbox and is now fixed. Clutch also felt a bit spongy at first; solved now that he was a mechanic with some modifications. I am now happy with the clutch and gearbox functions correctly, but in some cases, it is still clear in the gearbox are cheap clunk from time to gear. I think the lesson here may be to take it to a mechanic is good for initial setup and lack of trust for the sale / service center to do the work.

You fuel consumption on a bicycle is very low, and is able to make 350Km on a tank 14L fuel down the long distances, although this varies from clear, however, baggage around the town that usually little more than 300km-tank (and probably more but I am cautious and fuel).

Comment is liquid in all parts of the city, and he was not cheaper than their counterparts in the more expensive, perhaps because it is! We have also found to be susceptible to squeaks that appears, and stay for a few kilometers and then disappear, but none have been fixed and a drop of lubricating oil and resolution of all of us.

And clear standards introduced in h / km and the Attorney-h /, but there is no rev counter and fuel gauge, which was a nice add. It is also well lit and can be read at night with no problems. Headlights big and strong enough to enable them to his horse at night, and the main beam is sufficient for roads and to the country

In terms of bike accessories the following:

* Alarm models from late 2007 onwards, and that the sensitivity of the average; and I expect that it would be sound if sat on it, but not if you went near them.
* The remote ignition; electronic key fob 1 (plus parts) that allows you to start and stop the engine remotely, as well as activate the alarm. It's a way to circumvent nice and I actually do not use often - but disable the engine cut back on the side's position does not allow you to heat up the engine from the other side of the street (if you trust the neighbors!).
* Screen and standard screen is a reasonable and effective in speed, and the basis of a mandate after 1500Km of desert riding it keeps the bugs in the Gulf as well!
* Fitted graduates, they are useful for everyday use public, but for long trips which is slightly flimsy and too small to meet my needs. And supports the pod can be installed but without the bags so that it can contain the bags after the sale if necessary.
* Shelves support Kharj; shelves chrome strong equipped to make well bags after sales is easy - I chose to be some because they have made it difficult to purchase in Uruguay, but I imagine more than most throw bags fits and spacing between the indicators and the suspension does not allow some bags of very deep .

My experience of this bike is generally positive. There were some initial issues that reliability has put down to the poor since the establishment of the workshop because I was able to solve every problem but one through the use of alternative mechanic.If you're planning a long rounds with a passenger and a lot of baggage, I believe, and this bike handling as well as most cheap and small cruisers, you may need more bags of course, but I would recommend you look at the largest of the design options for the job in this situation.

I have no hesitation in recommending this bike if you are looking for a cruiser, relatively cheap economic able to do a tour of some, if required, and more than up to the job to run round the town in comfort.


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