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Vintage Honda Motorcycles VT1300CR Stateline 2010

2010 Honda Motorcycles VT1300CR Stateline Motorcycle Cover

Honda Motorcycle Parts VT1300CR Stateline 2010

Custom Cruiser Motorcycles Honda VT1300CR Stateline 2010

Honda New Motorcycles VT1300CR Stateline 2010

Honda Classic Motorcycles VT1300CR Stateline 2010

2010 Honda VT1300CR Stateline
Then the Stateline ABS with optional anti-lock Looking for that added peace of mind while riding in less than ideal conditions? Greater Control=Greater Confidence. On the prowl or standing still, the Stateline is something to behold.

All-black frame. Long, deeply valanced, tire-hugging fenders. Raked-out fork. Street Smart Style Pavement-skimming saddle.
Classic in design, but thoroughly modern where it counts—inside—the Stateline’s powerful 1312cc, 52º V-twin engine features fuel injection and three valves per cylinder. Pure V-twin. Pure Power. Pure Style. Then look no further than the Stateline.

See what happens when you build a custom that’s equal parts old school and new. The brawny 1312cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 52º V-twin is a thing of beauty, too, with smooth, maintenance-free shaft final drive putting all that torque and power to the ground with effortless ease. Call it the perfect fusion of traditional and progressive cruiser design, featuring all the classic cues that make the Fury and Sabre so cool, plus a few twists that are decidedly neo-retro, like deep, long fenders. Introducing the 2010 Honda Stateline. Add to that the deep throaty rumble of a big V-twin engine with Honda's Programmed Fuel Injection and that classic big Vee power pulse, and you have a machine that's the perfect choice for cruising--any time you want.

The deeply valanced fenders arc downward in classic retro style, yet the all-new rolling chassis and overall lines bring a fresh look to the class. Featuring long, low lines that embody what cruising is all about, the Stateline blends two worlds of motorcycling style: traditional looks plus progressive elements.


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