Alternative source of power for vehicles seems to be nowadays in the people concerning. With the increasing traffic from Shanghai the two wheel vehicles are favourite even they lose in comfort compared to cars.
Now there is an alternate possibility, the Icona E3WM (Electric 3 Wheel Mobile), an electric vehicle, three wheeled scooter launched by the Studio Icona Design from Shanghai.
The idea of this electric vehicle was to less pollute the environment, to give enough stability. For a good stability was fitted with two wheels in the front and one in the back. With its battery pack of 9kwh, Icona E3WM electric vehicle can cover 150 km with a fully charge which takes four or five hours using normal sockets. This electric vehicle is electronically easy handling and for your comfort has a roof that ensures you no rain or suns ray will touch you.
It weights 400kg and has the followed attractive dimensions: 2,5m long, 1,23m wide and 1,76m high. The electric motor of 55kW (75hp) placed on the wheels it can drive you from 0 to 100kph in only 5 seconds.