The decreasing of global petroleum reserve, fast growing of the environmental pollution by faster increasing of car numbers and not last the low number of parking area in Metro cities has made the inevitable searching of smaller size cars or bikes with lesser carbon foot print.
A new electric vehicle as a new concept between car and bike comes from Renault and promise to change the urban scenario.
The three tires Renault Eclipse electric vehicle which combine the thrill of a bike with stability of a car come with its unique design, perfectly aerodynamic which give the least possible air resistance and have a different output being inspired by natural elements.
Renault Eclipse electric vehicle is shaped as solar eclipse or a moon crescent with seating arrangements for driver and pillion are designed in a cocoon shape. With its open nature this electric vehicle allows the rider that wind in my hair experience of a bike and three tire structures which gives that stability of a car.
Renault Eclipse is a battery powered electric vehicle, carrying a single Lithium Ion Battery, shelved in the body itself and give it a sleek look. It also got wind turbine slot to use the wind energy at higher speeds for additional energy.