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Patience Lorenzo Yamaha Performance Problem

Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha optimist could compete with Repsol Honda. However, defending champion MotoGP consciously take time to be able to compete with a rival.

Yes, Yamaha's performance was less than the class of Repsol Honda in the MotoGP race in France yesterday. As a result, Casey Stoner won the race, while Lorenzo could only finish in fourth. Racing will roll back in MotoGP Catalunya, June 5, 2011.


Lorenzo is very confident to rival Stoner in the Montmelo circuit. "The race at Le Mans is very hard for our team," said Lorenzo. "We never find the right settings on motorcycles. But we've tried to the maximum. "

"We've been trying hard to compete with the Honda team since the beginning of the race. I've menggeber motor 100 percent. I spent all the energy at the end of the race, but I missed too much because of physical condition do not support, "continued the rider's top standings.

The Spaniard said, the team mechanics Yamaha has tried hard to improve motor performance. However, Lorenzo pretty sure Yamaha is able to compete with Honda in the future.

"We're trying to improve motor performance. We try to add strength and improve motor settings and I am sure in the future, we'll get it. It's just a matter of patience, "he said quoted by Autosport, Friday (3/6/2011).


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