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latest scooter from Yamaha Lexam Snap Segment Executive

Shooting PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) are car users who want to switch on a motorbike.

President YMKI Dyonisius Beti said motorcycle sales targets automatic duck is only 2,000 units for the first month. At the end of the year, 20,000 units Beti peg rate. Compare with targets for Yamaha Byson which has reached 20,000 units by the end of 2010. In fact, post-Lebaran Byson launched last year.


"We do not do not get your hopes high Lexam selling Yamaha motorcycle automatic, such as Mio and Xeon, or even in the sports motorcycle segment. Yamaha Lexam is intended for executives who need to be different. Premium segment, "explained Dyon.

Description Dyon is confirmed by GM Promotion & Motor Sport Division YMKI Paul S Firmanto. According to him, with rising fuel prices, especially Pertamax, moreover started banning the use of socialized Premium for personal cars, are expected to Lexam can be a solution.

"A lot of technical specifications that adopt Lexam from cars, such as the use of the brake when stopped like hand brake on the car. Maybe it could be a solution Lexam amid high fuel prices or more congested streets, "said Paul.

Fuel Problem, Paul affirms Lexam more economical to car users who would switch to motorcycles.


chilsonrolen said...

Lexam is new stylish model of Yamaha. The look of Lexam is different than the other bikes. The design of this bike is great.
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